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oh hai, remember me?

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May. 27th, 2009 | 10:52 am
location: workie
Today Frank is...: calm calm

so, it's my first day back at the office in a week and a half. two passwords forgotten, one of which still isn't reset so i can't do much at the moment. so i'll update.

spent last week at home in CT with the family. more of a semi-crisis visit than a social call, but i don't really wish to discuss this too much right now. suffice it to say that it was a difficult week.

in the course of doing some major housekeeping around my grandparents' house, i tweaked my back. by the end of the week it was fairly well killing me. returned here sunday night to supportive boyfriend who is full of awesome.

monday was pleasant enough until we returned to my apartment to find it flooded in the memorial day deluge. not good. in fact my entire street looks like a raging river went through and the landlord tells me that much of the front yard was flooded too. they were worried about their side of the basement getting flooded but it didn't occur to them to check on my side. the drain outside my door didn't apparently drain so well this time. so been been dealing with a soggy apartment ever since, or rather my super-awesome boyfriend has mostly been dealing with it and my back.

took yesterday off and slept most of the day in annapolis. my wonderful boy slept in and then went to my place to deal with kitties and mess so by the time i got there, much stuff had been removed and there wasn't much for us to do but wait for the landlord to come home. fortunately there's not much apparent damage to much of my stuff, but there are things in the kitchen that i'm worried about and won't be able to get to for a while because a growing pile of furniture from the rest of the house is blocking it in. my landlord thought that they could just have the stanley steamer guys come out and clean my carpet (seriously? the carpet is *soaked* throughout most of the living room and into my bedroom and i already have a mold issue from water problems i've been having in the bathroom.) and they just about fainted when the stanley guys told them the only option was to replace the carpet and they'd be happy to rip it out (only, nothing else) for the small sum of $1500. so tonight the boy and i will try to move as much as humanly possible into the kitchen. those of you who've been to my place are probably laughing really hard right now. also there will be more people in to look at the carpet. and more discussion of whether it shall be replaced by new carpet or vinyl flooring or tile.

last night my back also decided that i really wasn't in enough physical pain already and it got very bad for a while. fortunately i have some super-strength ibuprofen left over from my foot surgery and that eventually helped. didn't sleep well last night, some combination of it being too hot, having three kitties in bed with me, a bum back, things at home in the back of my mind, and the dehumidifier and three fans running. but today the back does feel somewhat better although walking is a bit slow still.

so i've been busy, and without internet access save for about an hour over the time i've been gone. i haven't even looked at most of my email yet and probably won't for a bit. more pleasant things coming up on the horizon but not sure if i can think about any of that at the moment. really need to track someone down to reset my password so i can get some work done. whee!!!

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From: nongamer
Date: May. 27th, 2009 08:04 pm (UTC)

there is probably some drywall and paneling that should be ripped out too. they should have brought in servpro or something like them with dehumidifers and fans and crap. otherwise your whole apt is going to be nothing but mold and mildew in about two weeks.

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